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From Vilnius Monthly to LITHUANIA TODAY

Vilnius Monthly magazine is changing its name to Lithuania Today

The name change is due to suggestions from many people – politicians, diplomats, business people and individuals within cultural and other institutions who now are using the magazine actively when they present Lithuania abroad and to foreign visitors here.

Also representatives of Lithuanian cities/districts outside Vilnius have requested a name change as they want it emphasised that this is a magazine for all Lithuania.

Many people around the world, “with Lithuania in their hearts”, have given immense support to our magazine since we started by the end of 2004, and we will whole-heartedly respond to this by doing our utmost to continue developing the magazine in a professional manner as a good tool for us all in our common efforts to promote and explain Lithuania to persons and entities that still have little knowledge about this fantastic country called Lithuania!
Vilnius Monthly became Lithuania‘s International Publication No 1 during only one year. Lithuania Today will be strengthening and further develop this fine position!


Lithuania’s premiere hotel and restaurant was also Lithuania’s first private restaurant, and has stayed ahead of the competition ever since.
It was in 1987 that the first restaurant featuring the name of Stiklai emerged and Romualdas Zakarevičius, one of the three co-owners and the President of Stikliai Company, tells us that they were tough times.
The beleaguered Vilnius Mayor Artūras Zuokas has a unique resume, and one that he is proud of. “I never plan my future, I spent six years as a journalist, six years as a businessman and now I have been in politics for six years. I don’t set goals for my future because I believe if you do that, then you automatically rule out many possibilities.”


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When the doors open to Mr. Galvanauskas’ corner office on the 14th floor of the Hanner Building, we are immediately overwhelmed by the breathtaking view to the centre of Vilnius, where the reflections of the city lights waver on the Neris River far below us. From up here, even this darkest time of the year seems bright, and the lights of Vilnius seem to be blinking more optimistically than ever. read more>
Jaakko Poyry Group Lietuva
UAB Jaakko Poyry Group Lietuva is a company which belongs to the Finnish Jaakko Poyry Group. Employing around 5,000 people in more than 40 countries, the Lithuanian office started with just a single employee in November 2003. Today Jaakko Poyry Group Lietuva employs 14 providing project management and supervision services in the construction industry. “Having such a variety of locations gives them a wide range of experience that makes for some interesting co-operations, and currently we working on a PET Plant project in Klaipeda Free Economic Zone jointly with our office in Thailand,” said Managing Director Viktoras Posiunas.
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International Christmas Charity Bazaar
Donates more than Lt160,000 to Hospitals and Schools Serving Ill and Disadvantaged Children
Though Lithuania is a European Union member, the social welfare and health care systems in the country requires further attention and commitment from various stakeholders if it is to approach standards and benefits enjoyed elsewhere in the EU.
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Is Finland too goody-goody to be believable?
“The children at the school we are filming at are almost too good to be true, blonde hair in neat plaits, full of energy but not too boisterous, amazingly well-behaved. Sometimes it seems the whole of Finland is like that - just too goody-goody to be believable“. This writes BBC’s Europe Editor, Mark Mardell, in a recent report from the Finnish capital Helsinki.
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