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We invite you to advertise in Vilnius Monthly, a high-quality English language publication about Vilnius and Lithuania for the international community here and abroad.
Vilnius Monthly is much more than a guide. Each issue will contain interviews with key persons in Lithuanian politics, business and social life, presentations of new products and services, a monthly calendar featuring cultural events, the Philharmonic, Opera and drama theatres, jazz sessions and art exhibitions. The aim is to provide insight into the dynamic and varied life of Vilnius and Lithuania and opportunities to make contacts and attract valuable clients.
Our target readers are successful, influential, with good taste, appreciate quality goods and services. There is a very good reason why you should advertise in Vilnius Monthly:

You will attract clients!

  • Vilnius Monthly is for persons who visit, live and do business in Lithuania.
  • Vilnius Monthly is in the VIP and business rooms of the best hotels in the country.
  • Vilnius Monthly is distributed to the heads and representatives of local and foreign companies, governments and embassies. Your ad will be noticed by persons who are influential, make decisions and have higher incomes.
  • Vilnius Monthly readers are interested in real estate, business, culture and want to know where to stay, shop and go out.
  • Vilnius Monthly is a good way for you to maintain contact with your existing customers and attract new clients.
We look forward to seeing your ad in our new magazine.
Ad on 2 nd & 3 rd cover (1/1 Page): 5.500 Lt
Ad on 4 th cover (back) (1/1 Page): 6.300 Lt
Ads on 2 nd & 3 rd cover (1/2 Page): 3.600 Lt
Ads on 2 nd & 3 rd cover (1/6 Page): 1.400 Lt
Repetition of one advertisement:
2 – 3 times: - 10 %
4 – 6 times: - 20 %
7 – 12 times: - 30 %
Discounts cannot be added together!
Additional costs (at customer's request):
A particular location of advertising space: +20 %
Advertisement on the right page of a flap: +5 %
V.A.T. is not included in the prices.
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Company name
Your name and position
Area taken:  
1/1 Page
210*297 mm
4.900 Lt
1/2 Page
210*148,5 mm
2.950 Lt
1/3 297*74 mm
1.600 Lt
1/4 Page
1.600 Lt
1/6 Page
141*53 mm or 60*112
1.100 Lt
1/9 Page
53*91 mm
700 Lt