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Vilnius Monthly’s aim is to become a serious and respected voice for the international business community here in the Lithuanian capital. Below are the people whose energy, enthusiasm and commitment make it happen.


Aage Myhre,
Editor-in-Chief/Managing Director; Norwegian; Vilnius resident for 13 years; architect, real estate developer, corporate manager, editor, journalist. MS, Archtecture; Post-Graduate studies in Architectural Psychology and Management; married, 5 children.

Ray Vyšniauskas
Associate Editor. Australian, Vilnius resident since 2004. A frequent visitor to Lithuania since 1989. Writer, Editor, Communications and Print Consultant. MA Communications, BA English and Media.

Almantas Gliožeris ,
General Directorr. Lithuanian, Vilnius resident for all his life. Involved In media management for 5 years already. Married, 1 son.

Ina Petrova,
Marketing Manager. Lithuanian, Vilnius resident 5 years; office administrator; English teacher; program manager, international wood products company. Siauliai University, English Philology; Vilnius University, International School of Business, International
Business and Management.

Ana Vasiljeva,
Art Director, Russian; 25 years in Vilnius; Artist, author of virtual jewelry exhibition, web and print designer, decorator. designs a lot of things, Art School, then Vilnius University, Economics Faculty, Bachelor's degree in International Economics. However, love to create is stronger than business, and being keen on arts continued the activities in this field.


Marius Jakulis Jason,
American-Lithuanian, attorney, founder and chairman of AAA. In Vilnius since 1992; business and real estate investment, development and management; AAA group members include AAA Media, guest house Mano Liza, Radisson SAS Astorija Hotel Vilnius, Wrislit travel agency, AAA Legal Services.

Joseph A. Grace (Gracewicz),
Chairman, Editorial Council, Lithuanian American; Vilnius resident for 9 years; inn owner, journalist, Japan Foundation Lecturer at Vilnius University; Public Relations Department, Japanese Foreign Ministry; Boston College (B.S., English), Middlebury College (Russian), Member, Dramatist Guild of America.

Robert Jennings,
Irish; Vilnius resident since 1994; self-employed economic consultant to a number of Central and Eastern European countries, specializing in Public Sector Management, Infrastructural Investment, and Capacity Building. Ph.D., Economics; married, three daughters.