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Jaakko Poyry Group Lietuva
UAB Jaakko Poyry Group Lietuva is a company which belongs to the Finnish Jaakko Poyry Group. Employing around 5,000 people in more than 40 countries, the Lithuanian office started with just a single employee in November 2003. Today Jaakko Poyry Group Lietuva employs 14 providing project management and supervision services in the construction industry. “Having such a variety of locations gives them a wide range of experience that makes for some interesting co-operations, and currently we working on a PET Plant project in Klaipeda Free Economic Zone jointly with our office in Thailand,” said Managing Director Viktoras Posiunas.
Jaakko Poyry Group Lietuva has just completed an 8,000 square metre Rimi Shopping Centre project in Alytus. “In April 2005 we were told about a project that had to be finished by 18 November and we already knew that they wouldn’t have the contracts in place until 17 June, so essentially the construction had to be completed in just five months.
KAUSTA 1966 - 2006:
40 years in construction - now the biggest in Lithuania
Kaunas Building Construction Enterprise (KAUSTA) was established on 1 January, exactly 40 years ago. It was established at a time when Lithuania was in the middle of its 50-years occupation by the Soviets, so it must have been very different circumstances compared to today’s situation in the building trade. 1966 was also the year when the design of the oil refinery in Maziakiai started, and the construction of trunk crude oil pipelines began on Lithuanian soil. The open-air Country Life Museum at Rumšiškės and the famous Devil’s Museum in Kaunas were also opened that year. On the sadder side of things the last resistance fighter from the post-war Lithuanian guerrilla war refused to surrender to the KGB and shot himself. However it was not only KAUSTA that was ‘in business’ at the time - a young Algiradas Brazauskas was a Minister of Construction Materials Industry in the Lithuanian SSR Government.
KAUSTA grew consistently in the years after 1966, with many projects in other Soviet republics. At most, the company had 2,000 employees. Glasnost changed this situation dramatically and KAUSTA, as all other construction companies in the Baltic States, had to start the rather difficult process of adjusting to Western standards and materials.
Rimi in Alytus construction in progress - from June to December
Logistic terminal in the Kaunas free economic zone - by Kausta