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Moulin Rouge

  Moulin Rouge has established a new corner in the market by supplying a venue that is at the crossroads of innocence and sin.
As a matter of choice we prefer not to take advertising from the bevy of strip clubs that are established in Vilnius. This is a commercial and not a moral decision and in the future we plan to write about this significant Vilnius industry – we are still arguing about who gets to do the ‘research’. In the meantime a new club has opened in Vilnius which borders the bawdy and, as another publication puts it, provides some titillation but is still tame enough to let you bring your grandmother, should you want to of course. Welcome to Moulin Rouge.
The newly opened Moulin Rouge is the nice face of the strip industry in Vilnius, with go-go girls and a cabaret that teases instead of shows all. Located in the Helios centre on Didžioji Street, the new premises has a crisp and clean feel that makes the visitor relaxed and comfortable as soon as they enter, also thanks to the staff who are keen to make every guest as cosy as they can.
The waitresses are of course friendly to a fault and while they don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves, you will be just as infatuated with, shall we say, their openness and ‘passion’ when you see where they do wear them.
With all the usual trappings of a free taxi service in an ornate carriage for clients who are happy to pay the Lt40 entrance fee, Moulin Rouge has established a new corner in the market by supplying a venue that is at the crossroads of innocence and sin.
Vokiečių 4, tel: +370 5 2107208
It is with great relief that we report that the recent renovations did nothing to update the atmosphere - although we will miss the graffitti in the toilets. While no more danger and amusement will be provided by what was a ricketty and slightly raised wooden dancefloor, or the wonky steps, the place still overflows with action every night of the week, and can always be counted on for a no nonsense good time.
Dominikonų 10, tel: 261 11 37
Finally re-opened, this is a place that was sorely missed for the month it was closed. Cozy has a beautiful lounge for breakfast, lunch or dinner delights, at very low prices. Food is tasty, personnel is exceptionally nice. Try their daily three course menu for 12 litas! At weekends they feature some of Europe’s greatest DJs at their downstairs nightclub. And this is one of the few places in Vilnius where we recommend booking a table.
07.30 – 05.00
  Connect Club,
Vokiečių 2, tel: (8-699) 300 52
At the beginning of Vokiečių street, you find the ultimate dancing club of Old-Town Vilnius. A rather large place, but wonderfully decorated and a friendly staff. Perfectly possible to sit in the comfy lounge part, but bright lights and loud music makes this a party place more than anything else.
Open Wednesdays – Saturdays 22.00 – 05.00
Trakų 2, tel: +370 5 2430777
400 places club including 2 large bars, VIP hall, the stage and long podium for demonstrating collections and other shows. There are 18 big LCD screens which produce a significant effect. Only here you’ll see the biggest podium and the elite of fashion.Their target audience are the most fashionable people of all ages.
Open Thursdays - Saturdays
  New Orleans,
Vienuolio 4, tel: (8-700) 555 99
Situated in the basement of Grand Casino, this large modern nightclub is a venue worth visiting. Big comfortable sofas surround a vibrant dance floor, which ties the club together. A popular place for all ages.
Open 22.00 – 05.00
  Pabo Latino,
Trakų 3, tel: +370 5 2621045
The former indigo has turned into one of the most professional nightclubs Vilnius has ever seen. Beautiful interior, great bartenders, and the music makes you want to Salsa. They introduce interesting concepts from time to time like Wednesday Salsa classes.